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Monday, July 12, 2004

Guard Cats and Women With No Self Respect

So here I am in Atlanta. My sister has a cat. I don't have any pets. I have three boys. That's enough. I think it's kind of like having pets. Loud and stinky pets... Her cat's name is ESPY; evidently my sister loves sports. Sleeping arrangments have my three boys in the guestroom and I'm sleeping with my sister in her bed. Her cat insists on sleeping right in the middle, then she sits there all night, standing guard, leering over me like a vulture. And how do I know this goes on all night? Because I don't sleep well and every daggum time I turn over, look at the clock to calculate how many more hours I have to try to sleep, or just wake up to stare at the ceiling, there is this cat, staring at me. Last time I came, it scared me to death. It's pitch black except for these green eyes. Now I know she's there, but she's like a Sphinx, sitting there guarding my sister's side of the bed. It cracks me up. But it is creepy!

BTW, as I'm sitting here blogging, my sister is flipping through the channels and she found that awful show, "Who Wants To Marry My Dad". Oh my God. Could they have found any worse pablum? All these chicks, who obviously have not one ounce of self respect, are in wedding dresses, being eliminated. Now, I feel very blessed that I found my soul mate and that I found him so early in my life, but I promise you, if I had not, I think way too much of myself to ever have considered subjecting myself to anything like these reality TV series to find a mate. Wow. (Shaking my head.)


Blogger Harvey said...

Why don't they just call the show "I Want My Dad To Marry An Attention-Starved Whore"?

Although I suppose then they'd have prostitutes calling in being offended at the slur to their profession...

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Women with no self respect? On a reality TV show? Surely you jest? Only I think that Andy Warhol would be turning in his grave had he seen just what depths people are prepared to sink to for their 15 minutes of fame. Given that we live in a world where celebrity has become everything I don't think that any of this should surprise us - the fact that it does surely gives us hope for a better future? Nahhhhhhh.


12:28 PM  
Blogger littlejoe said...

Hey now, it's not just the women with no self-respect. Think about it....I mean I know men (being one myself) will attempt to screw anything with the appropriate holes. But, damn man! Who wants to marry my dad....who wants to marry a millionaire...the bachelor...WTF? These guys are seriously desperate for companionship. If you think about it, selling your marriage rights to national tv is about the lowest common denomenator when it comes to relationship building. In five years, these people are going to be A: divorced, or B: wondering why in the hell they agreed to get married to some stranger in front of the country.

Blah blah blah....anyway, me and D. agree on this whole marriage as entertainment thing, it's despicable.

3:08 AM  
Blogger Harvey said...

It used to be that rock bottom was getting a mail order bride. Now it's getting a mail order bride on national TV.

12:47 PM  

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