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Monday, July 12, 2004

Kind of back... sort of anyway!

I'm back... sort of. I'm actually trying to blog from Atlanta, from my sister's home.

I've heard of this wireless stuff for awhile, have just never used it. Now I know why. I must've had a 6th sense that it was a POS. I'm not talking about this wifi stuff. Just wireless. She has a laptop and has been good enough to bring it home so I could check my growing e-mail and blog a bit. She hooked it up and I swear, on the souls of my three lovely boys, that it is the slowest damn thing I have ever run into. It is slower than dial up. It is slower than molasses. It is slower than Christmas. Catch my drift? SLLLLOOOOWWWWW and I am DDDDYYYYYIINNNNGGG here. I just don't know why someone would think it is cool to invent something actually slower than dial up. I thought we all had some need for speed. Someone missed the ball on that one.

So, while I'm on a good rant here, let me rant against my internet provider, Bellsouth. Can I do that? Will some internet police come after me, taking me away in shackles and forever forbidding me from using the internet or having e-mail? If so, tough shit. I'm doing it anyway.

About two months ago, my DSL slowed down to just slightly faster than dial up. I figured there were some growing pains and when I had a chance I would call. I e-mailed and they pretty much said that I was still within range. It is slow though and for as much as I pay, it should be lightning fast, like it once was. I am now getting e-mail from them saying that for $5 a month more, they will make it faster. Wha?!!! I'm seeing ads all over for it. This new fast DSL. Hmm. Fast is fast as far as I'm concerned. I almost feel like they slowed down my DSL and are now telling me to pay more to get it faster. Like they're holding me hostage. I'm about to tell them to hit the bricks and go cable.

The ONLY thing holding me back at this point is that my house has been under construction for a year now. The thought of just one more person drilling, banging, or hacking at any more walls or ceilings is just more than I can stomach. GRRR!!!

Believe it or not, it was a good day! :)


Blogger Harvey said...

When we had the cable modem installed, our installation guy was fast, effiecient, professional, and courteous.

The cable itself is a dream come true. It's internet the way it's MEANT to be seen. Zip-zip-zip! No more World Wide Wait.

The first year or so, the service was plagued with outages, but after they upgraded, the service was rock solid.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A a former contract employee of BellSouth (Tech Support for DSL), I am contractually obligated to not tell any bad stories on them, but I can certainly tell you that Cable is the way to go. If you already have cable TV in your house, there's nothing to the install. Just connect the cable wire to the modem, the modem to a network card on your PC, and you're rocking!

Johnny - Oh

11:07 AM  

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