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Recently have been told I look like Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island. I hadn't heard that in years, but that is a good place to start as to what I look like, although she had a better bod. I have three boys and have been married for 13 years. Born of a Navy family, in Hawaii, one Mom, one Dad, one sister and one brother. The eldest of three children. BS in Applied Mathematics. Consider Pensacola my home town although I moved every 2-3 years of my life growing up. Currently work in the aerospace industry in an engineering position while being a Mom. Of Celtic heritage and very proud of it.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Washington DC... Here I come!

I’m going out of town Wednesday morning for a convention in DC, not one I particularly care to attend. It’s hot in DC and whoever decided to move our convention month from April to July, obviously had no clue that DC is nothing but reclaimed swamp land. No thanks.

There are a couple reasons I dread this trip. First is my enormous aversion to flying. I haven’t flown in years. I find it has literally no redeeming qualities. The only thing in my favor is that I am stature deficient and don’t have to contend with the lack of leg room that taller folk have to manage. Pretty much, though, it comes down to the fact that if I were going to list ways I wanted to die, falling 30,000 feet out of the air is not one of them.

Second, my entire family is at my folk’s home now and it’s just damn hard to leave them all. We only get together twice a year as the three siblings are scattered across the US. So to have everyone here, and then bail to go to DC, is not sitting well with me.

Third, I also have no desire to go because I have frickin’ eaten TOO MUCH while I’ve been here at my folk’s house! Good God. I had no idea it was easy to go up a dress size in such a short amount of time. I’m not even trying on my evening gowns to see if they still fit. I’ll find some way to shove myself into them even if I look like a stuffed sausage, a thought I do not relish.

Lastly, though, I don’t want to go because I don’t want to leave my husband and kids. It makes me sad. I’ll be glad to get back, where we’re all together as a cohesive family unit.

So there will be no blogging from Wednesday through Saturday as I’ll be trying to shove my fat sweaty body into a dress that fit last week, while longing for my family, both immediate and extended.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's time for you to get a laptop.

9:45 AM  
Blogger Harvey said...

Don't think of it as getting fat, think of it as getting softer & cuddlier :-)

12:11 PM  

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