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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Happy "Blog" Father's Day

Happy “Blog” Father’s Day to Grau and Harvey! Both have been awesome in getting me motivated to start this Blog, which is basically my stream of consciousness. I can’t thank either of them enough as they have both offered suggestions on what to do to make the changes I want, looking at my template, and sending me HTML code. Grau actually created a template like mine and has given me a list of things he thinks I can and cannot do and solutions. I have it all printed out and in a folder with my hardcopy of my template. I hope to get it all sorted out soon, but until then, they have never once seemed annoyed by my, what must seem like, very stupid questions.

Example of a Classic stupid incident, me to Harvey via e-mail (this is a synopsis, not the real text):

Me: Why can’t I get this frickin’ site meter to show up on my damn blog?! Grr! I’ve been working on it for days!

Harvey: Uhhh, I don’t get it. I see it right there at the very bottom of your blog.

Me: Oh. Thanks!

Isn’t that the typical father/child relationship? “Dad! I can’t find my shoes!” “They’re on your damn feet!”

Ah hem. So thank you to both. Hugs! -D.


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Awwww shucks.. :)

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