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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Self Centered Egostistical Jerk Face

Infidelity. It’s a terrible thing, but a fact of life. I wrote in an earlier post that I believe that in most marriages it is a symptom of a bigger problem. Occasionally, however, I think it’s because the unfaithful is a “self centered egotistical jerk face”.

I won’t buy the book. I won’t watch the interview. Give me a damn break. The media is falling all over themselves, “Look what a great guy he is! He’s telling the truth!” This is showing me he is still the media’s golden boy. “He lied, he cried, he’s telling the truth! Let’s give the dog a bone!” Look, he’s not telling the truth because he had some epiphany. He’s telling the truth because IT SELLS BOOKS! It is Money! BTW, for those who do not know, the truth is his confession as to why he boinked Monica, “Because I Could”. Duh! Like we did not know that? We saw what she looked like. I don’t know one guy who looked at her on TV and said, “Yeah, I’d like to take someone like that home to meet Mom.” So what Clinton has done, is just merely verbalize all that we already knew, to make a few million bucks. “Because I Could.” Big frickin’ deal. Let’s have a media parade. Excuse me while I skip it.

So now he’s admitted it. While the media carries on about what a good guy he is for admitting it all, let me tell you, it makes me feel like he’s even a bigger dick than I thought he was before. If he had said, “Hillary and I were having some real problems. I handled it poorly and looked elsewhere.” I would have thought, “OK, that is unfortunate, but makes sense.” (Actually, because he is who he is, I would have still thought he was a dick, any other guy... I would’ve said, “OK, now go get marriage counseling, get to the root problem if you want to save your marriage.”)

“Because I Could.” I will not blog about my spouse much because that is an intrusion on his private life. This is MY blog, not his. However, I will tell you that he owns his own business and works with the general public. He is an extraordinarily good looking man. Ten years ago, many thought he looked like Al Pacino from Godfather Part I. Now I hear more frequently Andy Garcia and have heard a couple times, a cross between Andy Garcia and George Clooney. We have a solid marriage, but like anyone else, there are times we could strangle each other. Marriage is work, it takes time and patience, it takes communication and of course, it takes good sex. But I digress. What I’m saying is, he would never step out on us ‘Because He Could.” My husband is a good man. Infidelity can happen to ANYONE. Nobody is immune. We are human. But I can tell you, that if our marriage were to get to that horrible state where something like that was to occur, it would be a symptom of a bigger problem and not “Because He Could” or "Because I Could” for that matter. My husband and I are not jerks. We are decent people who love each other and don’t want to hurt each other.

To Bill Clinton I say, “Sorry, Bucko. You can be honest. But we already knew the truth. “Because I could.” That just makes you a “self centered egotistical jerk face”.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you noticed the uncanny resemblance between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump? Both are egotistical womanizers who do anything for a buck...yes that is spelled with a 'b'.

10:59 PM  
Blogger Mary Siever said...

Never has a truer word been said. It seems that in this modern day world infidelity is being excused more and more. And so everyone is supposed to pat Clinton on the back for telling the truth? I don't think so. Yep, "sel-centred egotistical jerk face" pretty much describes him. I think the men (and women) who remain faithful to their spouses and families deserve the admiration. Not some idiot who finally confesses after years and years of stupid behaviour.

8:06 PM  
Blogger Boudicca said...

There must be a good poem in there... I'm just awful at that stuff, but I bet something about Bill and Don enjoying f---ing for a buck or f---ing someone over for a buck... I can feel it. It's in there somewhere!

Mary, and you are right. I am sickened that once again, his boorish behavior is getting rave reviews and pats on the back. What is that about???

8:23 PM  

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