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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Yet Another Act of Barbaric Terrorism

Bloggers all over the Blogosphere are going to blog on the recent Terrorist act. What? You didn’t know it was Terrorism that killed our American in Saudi? Please, that is exactly what it was. Psychological Terrorism. They can’t take us out in large numbers, our Military Might will seek them out and destroy them, but they CAN cause psychological damage through our media. They behead an American, throw the pictures on the internet, release the video and 'Voila', we are all completely, and rightfully so, repulsed and angered. We are a civilized nation. Acts of such brutality play on our psyche. Please tell me that I am NOT the only one who remembers the exact picture of Col. Higgins hanging? These images are not ones easily dismissed from our brains, here in America. Living in our Free World Democracy, these are not images we are accustomed to seeing, Thank God.

So how am I feeling about this right now? Knee jerk reaction, as an e-mail buddy of mine would say, and he knows who he is, “Turn the place to glass.” The old fashioned Boudicca way of going house to house, slaughtering one and all, burning every home to the ground, would be too slow. I will probably have this knee jerk reaction for awhile because as Blog Father Harvey alludes to in his blog, NOBODY over there is condemning it, at least not yet. (If you hear of anyone who is, let Harvey know… he wants to hear about it.) It really is time for the moderates to start stepping up to the plate and say, “I can’t take it NO more!”. If that time is not here, it is quickly approaching.

There are far more intelligent and well written people on this blogosphere than I, who have posted extensively on this already. I will refer you now to two posts I have read from two bloggers I respect immensely… a husband and wife team no less, out of Leavenworth. First is John and his latest Wahabism Delenda Est entry. John has written at length and with great clarity on his blog over the past few months about the entire war. Second is his wife, Beth. I love Beth’s entry today “Reality Sucks”, in particular her last line, “But mostly, I want our so-called Democrat leaders to quit their blame games and get with the President on defeating the greatest threat our country has ever known since Hitler.” So take a read if you have the time.

Also, I put this in my comment section on my Iraq entry , but will throw it out there now. From what I understand, Saudi Arabia is in the midst of a hellacious recession. Only 10% of the country is Kingdom. That leaves the other 90% to have to deal with the joblessness that comes from the stranglehold of an economic recession. Where are they sending their young men who cannot find jobs? It’s been explained to me, from someone with family in the Middle East, that the sons are being sent to the Mosques. They are young testosterone driven poor uneducated jobless men. What are they learning? Islamic Fundamentalist Extremism. The economic problems of the Middle East will come to haunt us, not in the traditional ways we know of stock markets falling etc, but in the ways of the Beast I wrote about earlier. It’s a religious war people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You’d think that every barbaric act perpetuated by the terrorists would bring the liberals in our society a little closer to the realization that we’re in real trouble. This religion of Islam isn’t a kind and gentle belief system. The men who continue to commit terrorist acts against Westerners aren’t just a “small minority” of Muslims. When you see tens of thousands of young men on a street in a Middle Eastern City beating themselves on the back with chains, in unison, and shouting anti-American slogans, it’s hard to envision them as just a “small minority”. Our liberal media are ignoring Ben Laden’s statement “It’s the duty of every Muslim to kill Americans.”

2:54 PM  
Blogger Boudicca said...

I have had this discussion with my blog brother Little Joe ( my other Iraq post. He has something on his blog right now about it. And I definitely see the point, that is is possible that it is not the minority, that the Koran definitely believes in death to all infidels, therefore it is all of them. I just have issues with it.

First, I haven't studied the Koran personally. I don't know whether what we have now in our modern society, this Koran they are all studying, is in fact the Koran as it was written or some interpretation, as we have many different interpretations of the Bible. (i.e. King James, etc.) I can't say that the finatics are following it as it was written or are they the equivalent of the Bible Banging Baptists we see on the corner of Olive and Davis, screaming at us with Bible in hand, while we sit in our cars, condeming us to hell unless we repent. What Bible are they reading from that tells them to do this? And what Bible are they reading from telling us how they KNOW we are going to hell? And what Bible are they reading from that tells them Catholics are going to hell? It is their personal churches philosophy and I have to wonder if that is what is going on in these Mosques. Perhaps there are some Mosques that are more finatical just as there are some churches that are so. I don't know.

Second, if we make the assumption that there were 1000 men at the last demonstration, in Iraq, beating themselves about the head and neck, to kill the infidels, assuming there are 7,637,818 men of age 15 or older who could attend the demo, (population facts taken from CIA factbook on Iraq) that comes to .0131% of the MALE population in attendance. That's not a high stat. Maybe I am low balling the attendance, but if you look at the last demonstration in a major city against the war here in the U.S., it would surely also appear in the media that we are ALL against it, just as our media has it appear to us as to what is going on over there.

I'm not saying all who say that it is not the minority are wrong. I'm just saying, I'm not totally there yet and this is why. However, it is not going to take me much longer to get there...

8:00 PM  
Blogger littlejoe said...

leave off the atom thingy, and it finally shows up with comments and everything. (stoopid me)

Anyway, I will hunt down the link to you, that I had for several translations of the korran, if you're interested read away. It actually starts of nice and peaceful like. Then toward the end, the Korran is all...kill the infidels, don't try to get along with them..blah blah blah.

1:08 AM  

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