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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I Hate it When This Happens

I haven’t made any secrets about the fact I curse. And I do so in front of my children when frustrated although I have tried to curb it. Really. I have.

So today I took Son#3 to his tutor’s house. I hired her after I was afraid he was not doing well and needed him evaluated. (He is fine, he just LOVES to see her now, so I still take him.) Anyway, she is a friend of mine and lives down the street from me, is about 50 years old, has two kids, one is a senior in college and the other is 24 year old man/boy I talk about sometimes.

They are the nicest family. REEEEALLLY nice people from Wisconsin. When I came to pick him up today she told me this mortifying story.

Evidently Son#3 and she were going over some words and the word ‘as’ came up. Son#3 looks at her and says, “You know there is another word that is bad. A-s-s.” (Yeah, I’m frickin’ LOVIN’ the fact, LOVING IT, that my 5 year old can spell ass, but barely write his name. That’s what happens when you have older brothers.)

She says, “Why yes, you are right.”
Son#3 says emphatically, “It is a cuss word.”
She replies, “Yes it is.”
Son#3, “Do you cuss?”
She, “No, I don’t.”
Son#3, “My Mom cusses. And so does my Dad.”

Lovely. She said to me later, ‘I can’t curse. I teach little kids. Can you imagine if I slipped up?’ and then she laughed.

But little kids or not, she never cursed. But I do. And now she knows if she didn’t before…


Blogger Jen H said...

I LOVE your boys! Mine will be the same way!

11:00 PM  
Blogger Christina said...

There is good news here! She also knows your children know what "bad words" are and they are not to be used by them. That's a winner in my book, lady.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Anita said...

I swear from time to time as well. I try like crazy not to do it front of the kids with a fair degree of success. But every once in awhile, something slips out. I always pay the price because my eldest chastises me mercilessly. Who's the parent here?

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

#3 was not in the room when we were playing Boggle and that word came up...promise!


2:47 PM  
Blogger Anathematized1 said...

(Disclaimer - I don't have any kids, but...)

I curse like a pirate and quite often wind up getting "the look of death" from my friends when I curse in front of their kids. Sometimes it results in kind of funny incidents where you have to make up words when you catch yourself and then have to complete these horrendously nonsensical sentences: "OH, he is such a motherfu...dgefactory maker. I like fudge, don't you [insert child's name here to see if s/he was even listening]".

5:17 PM  

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