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Friday, November 26, 2004

Carnival of the Recipes is UP!!!!

This week's hostess is Mary Beth of Random Thoughts from Mary Beth. Let me tell you folks, there is some great stuff over there. And let me also tell you a little story on one of those recipes...

I used to be single. Yeah, I haven't always been an old married lady. And I had this friend... who I will just call... VW. And I went to college with VW and her then husband and they got me to come down here to work. We palled around together. And sometimes... VW, who is an excellent cook... would take pity on me and would invite me over for dinner and I would break bread with she and her then husband. One night she served this awesome Chicken Tetrazzini recipe. Hmm. I'm thinking it was... oh... 16 or 17 years ago? (Ring a bell, VW?!) So over the years I've asked for said recipe because I enjoyed it so much that I can actually remember craving it. Have a received this recipe? NOOOOoooooo. It took the frickin' Carnival of the Recipes for me to get this damn recipe!

So now I will make it. And I don't know whether it was really really that good or if it was a case of my being a single career woman who at the time did not cook much, being fed a REAL meal by a married couple. Looking at the ingredients, I think it is really that good. But you never know... it could have been that home cooked meal thing! :)

Anyway, MaryBeth outdid herself and it is wonderful. There are some great looking recipes. I used recipes from last week's Carnival and they were SUPERB! So stop by and take a look. There is something for everyone.

And also, once again, thank you to the wonderful Beth for originating and running this great idea!


Blogger VW said...

Bou, a homecooked meal at any time is always better than frozen meals. Particularly if you add good friends or family to the mix. I think you will still like it. Don't forget to set some aside for me!

7:33 AM  

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