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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Giving Thanks

Today I’m thankful for the usual. I’m thankful for my family and friends, our health, and the good year we have had. I’m thankful we made it through some pretty tough times in September and October, getting through unscathed when considering the potential of the bad that could have occurred. But that is not what I’m thinking of today, well I am, but not the foremost thought.

Today I am thankful for our troops. We have troops scattered throughout the world and we have some at war for us… for this country… for my family… for me. Today there are young men and women in the Middle East that are standing up for us and defending us against an enemy that would seek to take all that we know.

Today as I gather with my family in the safety of my home, there are men and women away from their families, missing their loved ones. There are men and women afraid as they fight for what is right… for us… for me.

Every day someone dies for us… someone dies for me. Today will be no different. Today as we sit around our table celebrating Thanksgiving, there will be someone who dies for my freedom. And I am speechless as to what I could possibly say to their families…it would all sound so hollow.

So today as I pray my prayer of Thanksgiving, I send special prayers to our troops and to their families. I pray for their safety and for their homecoming. And I humbly thank them in prayer.

To them I say, Thank You and May God Bless.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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