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Monday, February 14, 2005

Visitors from FrankJ and SarahK

Ack! I am looking at my sitemeter and realize I’ve had a combination IMAOalanche and Mountaineer Musingsalanche! Well, loyal readers of The Lovely and Talented FrankJ and Great SarahK, it was a real pleasure in meeting them.

Keep in mind, I did not engage FrankJ in conversation. First, FrankJ was in the limelight. Second, I wasn’t sure what to say to him. And that is not Frank's fault, but rather my own issues. We don’t have much in common except probably a small career thing, but I felt odd and wondered what he had in common with a 39 year old mother of three who has been married for nearly 14 years, who is old enough to be his Mom in a 3rd world country or an American ghetto? Not much. I felt certain I would bore him to tears, in particular because he is very funny and I’m… well, I’m just not.

I will tell you that he is very nice and respectful. He is very much like his blog. In fact, when he had accidentally had too much to drink, he was never boorish or obnoxious. He was louder, which was funny, more extroverted, which was very funny, but not nasty nor mean. What you read in his blog… I don’t get the impression he has to work at being funny. (Sure blogging can be tedious, but he has a natural talent for satire.) Maybe I am wrong, but while he is speaking, stuff just pops into his head. He is spontaneously funny and very demonstrative. That is probably what makes him even funnier… the facial expressions and voice inflection. The guy really has talent. And you can tell he’s smart. It’s not just from his blog. If I were to engage him in conversation on the street, I would know instantly he is intelligent.

And for the readers of the wonderfully delightfully sweet and talented SarahK… read her blog and I promise you, she is every bit as sweet, considerate, and pretty as what she writes and the pictures she posts. She too has much facial expression when speaking with great voice inflection. It makes her even more funny, as it does Frank. She is engaging. When you speak to her, she is speaking only to you.

SarahK had me laughing and I felt so comfortable speaking with her. She is open and honest and what you see is what you get and that is so refreshing in people. It really is. And also like Frank, you can tell she has a lot going on upstairs. She’s a people person and smart.

You can tell they love each other very much. It is not a blog trick. It is real. They are good to each other and they respect one another. They tease and joke like you would expect, but they are good people.

I guess that’s the bottom like. Frank and Sarah are just flat out good people. Their blogs do not lie.


Blogger Harvey said...

Yeah, they're crazy in love.

Beloved Wife & I were like that when we first started dating right after high school.

Haven't changed much, now that I think about it :-)

8:24 AM  
Anonymous sarahk said...

yeah, y'all haven't changed much, Harvey.

thanks for all those sweet things you said, Bou. you're an absolute doll too.

9:59 PM  

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