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Monday, February 14, 2005

What is the Probability?

We needed our screen fixed from the serious hurricane damage. Our original screen installers never call us back. I’ve put word out… nothing. So my husband comes home a week ago and tells me that the son of one of his employees is in the screen/pressure cleaning business and we should try him. I told him if the kid would come out, then he could have the job.

I heard nothing.

I was talking on the phone the other day to a friend of mine, who lives out in Wellington, as in Florida, and she says, “I have the GREATEST screen guys repairing my hurricane damage. Let me give you their number.” And she e-mails me their information.

Today I decide since the thing with my husband’s employee’s son may not work out, he's been just a LITTLE busy resolving this whole car accident issue, I would take the initiative to call this screen company.

I get home and there is a message on my machine from my husband saying the original young man was coming to the house; the son of his employee. Sure enough, he showed up exactly at the time he said he would. And what was there not to like? He was on time, amazingly polite, which scores BIG BIG points with me, and… he’s a former Marine. BINGO! I give him the down payment and he hands me his card. It says “Wellington”. I thought, “HMMMM”.

After he leaves, I check my e-mail and it is THE SAME GUY! Yes, of the hundreds and hundreds of screen company’s this young man was the young man I was going to call anyway… the guy who did my friend’s home last week.

And just for Johnny Oh, since this young man came at lunch time, I tried to feed him. I offered to make him sandwich so he could eat on his way to get his supplies. He politely declined. I was accused this weekend of trying to fatten up certain young men. Heh. It’s a Mom thing.


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