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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Cold? I Got Your Stinkin’ Cold…

Where I work, there are multiple rooms with cubes in them. It’s a long hallway with doors on either side… the doors taking you into various size rooms with cubes. My room happens to be a large room, housing probably 30 or so cube rats such as myself. (For those of you who think engineers work in private offices… think again. A cube is a step up for us. We’re used to working in what we called ‘bull pens’. Row after row of engineers.) Across the hall from me sits my boss and my buddy who hired me. It is a smaller room and only holds 8 cubes.

The small room is frickin’ freezing! Cold. Holy crap. I walk in there and look for a jacket. One of the guys keeps a little heater under his desk. I like hanging in his cube. Most of the others wear their jackets or have one draped over the corner of their cube just in case they can’t take it anymore.

Yesterday, one of my co-workers who I swear looks like Mr. Magoo, called facilities and complained. He wore his jacket inside, then when he went out for a smoke, he would shed his jacket. Yes, he was jacketless outside to smoke, but wearing it INSIDE to work.

Facilities sent someone down and she opened the box and punched in a code (you have to know the special code to change the thermostat, they don’t let we engineers do stuff like that… it’s probably a union job) and said she raised it.

An hour later we were all still cold. I took to avoiding their room. I looked at the reading on the thermostat and said, “Guys, she lied to you. She looked like she was working some voodoo magic, but it was a psychological trick. She figured if she looked like she was making it warmer, you would think it was warmer.” The thermostat never changed. It stayed the same. Today it was just as damn cold. I hate that room.

They really need to raise it above 73 degrees. That’s just too damn cold. *grin*


Blogger Quality Weenie said...

Cube Farms, ahhhh fond memories.

I'm in a tiny room with 2 others, but when I had the tiny room all to myself I would just crank that heat up. A comfy 75 degrees at all time. People would complain at how hot it was in my office. I loved it!

7:25 AM  
Blogger Contagion said...

Hell! I don't even keep my house set to 73 degrees. Anything over 68 is damn warm! Floridians!

9:46 AM  

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