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Monday, December 06, 2004

Great Linkage of the Day

One of my favorite bloggers, Eric of Straight White Guy, is THE post for Spirit of America today. If you haven’t noticed in these SoA posts, someone gets tagged each day and the rest of us link. Wait, I may have told you that already. I escaped the pressure and merely send out e-mail to the individual bloggers reminding them of their duties. I’m a background kinda gal… makes me very very happy!

With that, Eric has posted probably my favorite post for SoA to date. There have been some really funny ones, poking fun at the Northern Alliance blogs and they have been doing likewise, we tease each other in the name of raising funds. But Eric’s post… Well, Eric is Eric and to read his blog is a true pleasure and he has done a wonderful job. A masterful Southern storyteller, Eric has the ability to make you feel as if you are there when he posts… and this post while it does not take us to Iraq, it brings out how we feel over here, watching it the war unfold before us.

Whether you have chosen to donate for this effort or not, I urge you to read his Post as he quotes Sherman, Hemingway, and Anacreon. I had thought about pulling part of his post as a quote, to give you a flavor of it, but could not decide what to pull and to take a piece of it would not do his post justice.

Go HERE to see what Eric has to say.


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.. thank you, Bou.... I appreciate the compliment.... ;)

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