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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I May Need a Hearing Transplant

I know, I already blogged today and had no intention of doing so again, but I had to share my pain.

My 9 year old is having a sleep over with his best buddy from school. They are listening to Weird Al Yankovich way too loud and I'm huddled at my desk in my bedroom praying for 10:00 when I told them they had to go to bed. I'm letting them stay up late.

I think they are dancing; I am unsure. All I know is my 5 year old came in all dressed in black, asking me to tie his tennis shoes. I'm sitting here reading blogs in my gi. I said, "What's up with the shoes?" He replied, "Oh we're dancin' Mom, that's what gave me the idea to dress up in these cool clothes."

Have I said lately that he thinks he is the coolest thing around and the center of the universe? Yesterday at the dinner table he said, "You know Mom, all the kids in my school love me. And their Moms too."

Oh Lord it's Hard to be Humble.

My only reply was, "Perhaps we could work a little harder on your teachers loving you more by not talking so much and keeping out of everyone's personal space." He rolled his eyes.

If I could finally get a screen guy out to fix the screen damage from the hurricanes on my porch, I would hang there until 1o. So I guess I'll go take a long hot shower in hopes it will drown out all this awful noise.

I have a feeling that the teenage years are not going to be the best for my sanity.


Blogger Tammi said...

Finally....I about gave up trying to comment....

Now, what was I gonna say?! ;-)

Yeah, you've got some very interesting years ahead with those adorable boys of yours! They are ALL the coolest! Tell 'em I miss em! I can't wait to talk to them again, wanna see if they have anymore cool scar stories!

10:41 PM  
Blogger VW said...

You mean Weird Al Yankovich is still around? You poor soul. Hearing him once is funny. Twice... is pushing it. Over and over, loud. UGH. I can't wait till they get to be teenagers. ;-)

7:37 AM  
Blogger Christina said...

What you like the female flip-side to about that age?

Sweet One got a karaoke machine from Santa. Primo mistake. I now have 11 year old girls thinking they are JoJo (who?!), Hillary Duff, and lord knows who else singing (can I call it that?) and gyrating (it ain't dancin') around here.

They love it! I hate it!


8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bou:
Here's where having a hearing problem comes in handy.
I don't have kids, but when the babbling horde gets too loud in the newsroom, I just pop my hearing aids out and leave them on the desk. All is serene and quiet again! :))
(Or you might try your old buddy Dan's remedy and get a set of industrial-strength ear protectors like the folks who work on airliners use).
-- George

9:48 AM  
Blogger Harvey said...

On the hearing protection issue - go double and use both plugs and muffs :-)

And what's wrong with Weird Al? Sure, he can't sing, dance, or tell jokes, but he plays a MEAN accordian :-)

9:57 AM  

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